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>> Elizabeth McCoy wrote:
>>> At 11:06 AM -0500 12/14/06, Tzivia Adler wrote: [...]
>>>> ziviya, who just finished fumbling an explanation to a six year
>>>> old:  -why- is that lady on the magazine taking off her underwear
>>>> in a picture?  on the front page of a magazine? feh.
>>> When in doubt, make your tone as calm as possible, with occasional
>>> "isn't culture weird sometimes?" notes,

> it sure is.  one weird add, on the side of a store, shows a woman in a 
> bikini and fur boots, in the snow, holding a beer can.  why would that 
> picture sell beer?  does anyone think that buying this brand of beer is 
> like rubbing a magic lamp, and a female in a bikini will be transported 
> into his lap?

It's sneakier than that--the idea is that it creates a -subconscious- 
connection... most people don't consciously think about it and say, "this is 
offensive [or inane, or both..] and I am not going to let this ad brainwash 
me even at a less than conscious level".  Instead, the image gets 
reinforced, to condition the person to associate that beer and Good Times, 
or just condition them so that when they go to a package store, they go for 
that type of beer... that;s the way that  TV ads are, the intent is that 
when someone goes into a store and is intending to buy soap, paper toweling, 
spaghetti sauce, etc., they'll unthinkingly take the products they've been 
most exposed most frequently to from the shelves, rathern than any of the 
other brands.  The intent is to get the unconscious part of the brain, not 
the conscious--and people who NOTICE commercials and buy based on what 
they -cognitively- have been consciously noticing, are not the lowest common 
denominator mass market being aimed at.

>>>and expound until the child is bored stiff.
> expounding is the difficult part, since it doesn't make sense to me at 
> all.
>> We got a LONG way with "you know how you play make-believe and dress-up 
>> and stuff with your friends? Grown-ups play with other grownups like that 
>> sometimes; they're games that are fun for us, but you wouldn't like them 
>> yet."
>> Of course, when it's something you don't want to condone, or are 
>> conflicted on, it's trickier. Much.
>> Marna.
> we didn't actually look -in- the magazine.  we only saw the cover while 
> waiting on line at the convenience store.  i think it was glamour 
> magazine, or elle.  something to the effect that 'you can lose 10 pounds 
> before the holiday!!!!!'
> my point is that, as hard as i try to raise my daughter with positive 
> body-image, and my boys to respect girls, it gets harder and harder when 
> we can't avoid these images.  i don't buy the magazines -- and i don't buy 
> beer from that store either --   but i -can't-   -aovid-  it.

Some years back there were women who conducted guerrilla war against 
extremism in magazines--when Kate Moss was at her most skin and bones 
physique and a preferred cover model, someone and copycats generated rubber 
stamps that said, "Feed Me" and applied ink with them to the covers of 
magazines with Kate Moss on them....

> iirc, this whole thread started with slash, and 'if you don't like seeing 
> a whole gender sexualized, don't read it'.  well, how do i keep from 
> 'read'ing this stuff?

Put some other magazine in front of it?  Write to the advertisers and say, 
"I will patronize your competitors who don't advertise in such forums" 
etc -- complaining to the advertisers and getting other people to... that;s 
how pressure groups get such veto power over e.g. contents of schoolbooks, 
they actively make pests out of themselves.

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