[LMB] Birthdays

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Fri Dec 15 14:57:27 GMT 2006

Today is the day to honor two of our longtime listies, both of whom, by 
happy coincidence, turn 47 today. (That is, unless the stout fellow's lists 
are in error, which is always a possibility.)

First up is Susan Fox, the list's own Ma Foxti, she of the five-foot body 
and six-foot aura. She is one of the list's considerable troupe of 
SCAdians, and also one of the (rather smaller) set of listies who have 
appeared on television (this, thanks to her culinary skills). Susan, may 
you be well, do well, and stay well today and this year - and may your 
luck on eBay improve!

Also celebrating today is Scott Raun. Scott is a tech guru (who has 
helped the stout fellow out with electronic woes on several occasions, 
most recently less than a week ago) and the host to a number of 
adorable dogs, one of whom is undergoing an, ah, auspicious test this 
week. Scott, may you and your family, human and canine, have an 
enjoyable day and a fortunate year!

Gentlefolk of the list, I give you Susan and Scott!

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