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Fri Dec 15 18:19:54 GMT 2006

At 4:59 PM -0500 12/14/06, Tzivia Adler wrote:
>my point is that, as hard as i try to raise my daughter with positive body-image, and my boys to respect girls, it gets harder and harder when we can't avoid these images.  i don't buy the magazines -- and i don't buy beer from that store either --   but i -can't-   -aovid-  it.

*shudder* Yeah.

I guess make every chance a learning opportunity and point it out?

"Why did that photographer do that? Does he want to insinuate that 
this beer will attract snow and scantily clad women?"

"Do you think that the viewer of this ad is supposed to believe that
this person is friendly? What body-language cues do we have? What
clothing cues? How is this like judging a book by its cover? Is
this fair?"

It sort of works for commercials, too, a little. "People who make
advertisements will cheat to make the toy look even more fun than
it actually is, or imply that if you play with it, everyone will
want to be your friend."

(Or "if you play with it, you will have a fond and loving mom and
dad who watch you and cuddle each other, while you wear a pretty
dress." That one caught me. And now, older and wiser, I know why.)

If one can't get it out of one's face in this generation, mock 
it enough that it'll be on its way out for the next? O:/

And it can't hurt to examine the subliminals outside the sublim,
so that you're sensitized... (Well, it may hurt in some ways, but
it would hopefully help in the long run.)

At 7:36 PM -0500 12/14/06, Marna Nightingale wrote:
>Telling her she's beautiful -- telling boys AND girls that the way they look is
>good and beautiful -- is important.

Also, reminding them that all these pictures are almost certainly
Photoshopped (or the moral equivalent) is hardly out of line. The
people in the pictures may be beautiful in real life -- or they may
be well made-up and have had all their blemishes and folds and
double-chins edited out.

I found a bunch of before-after pictures -- it was mind-boggling. (Also,
a lot of _character_ can get erased from a face, along with the "ugly.")
Annoyingly, the guys in the pictures _usually_ got less editing than the
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