[LMB] List-biz and why people leave, was Explaining Stuff To Kids OT:

Richard Suitor rsuitor at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 22:20:05 GMT 2006

On 12/15/06, Marna Nightingale <marna at marna.ca> wrote:
> Richard Suitor wrote:
> > And to Marna it looked like slap and run.  And I see the reason for
> > that.  But I don't think her use of "mad" was quite correct.
> Well, ergo 'if'.

Not sure I caught that one.
> And let me reiterate, I asked because I wanted to know and I want to
> know because I actually care about Bil's feelings.
> If I thought he was a nasty mean offensive person who deserved to be
> hurt, I'd sit back perfectly politely and watch the show.

And it looks like I misinterpreted you.

I do apologize.

> > Personally, I translated it as:  "Here is something interesting.
> > Enjoy.  I'm afraid if I say something it might be misinterpreted or
> > unintentionally offensive and I'm trying not to do that.  Really, I
> > am."
> And that is also possible, yes. In which case I still care, and would
> like to contribute to Bill NOT being afraid that if he says something
> etc. Because Bill says many interesting and neat things on this list,
> and I am in favour of this continuing.

Well said.


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