[LMB] title thoughts survey

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sat Dec 16 05:04:17 GMT 2006

All right...

    This is not yet an urgent question, but it will certainly have to be 
settled sometime in the next few months.

    My purchasing editor has expressed some doubts over the commercial 
viability of the title for the current duology, _The Wide Green World_.  
No one has another suggestion yet.

    WGW1 and WGW 2 are shaping up to be a bit more like a book and its 
sequel and a bit less like one book cut in half than TSK 1&2.  What I 
actually think I have here, squinting at this still unfinished thing, is 
a trilogy of uneven length, of which WGW1 is the middle volume.  But it 
will be published as a duology and another duology.  Or possibly as a 
duology and a book and its sequel.

    So how do folks feel in general about series titles?  How do you 
like to see them structured?  Should the 3rd and 4th volumes still be 
called _The Sharing Knife. Vol. 3: Noun_ and _The Sharing Knife Vol. 4: 
Another Noun_, keeping to a uniform style, or _The Wide Green World (or 
alternate title), vol. 1: Noun_ and _The Wide Green World (or alternate 
title), Vol. 2: Another Noun_, "exciting sequel to The Sharing Knife!" 
appearing elsewhere on the cover?  Or should they have separate titles 

    WGW 1&2 take on separate thematic concerns to TSK -- TSK is 
definitely concluded at the end of _Legacy_ -- although they do continue 
the story in that world, now in pursuit of other things.  Volumes -- 
call them 3 & 4 for clarity -- are separated from each other by setting 
and direction, and will have overlapping but separate casts, i.e., a new 
bunch of folks come on in 3 and another new bunch of folks come on in 4, 
but at the end of 4 there's going to be some sort of round-up.  Maybe.  
It's an overlapping story arc problem -- well, not a problem, a 
condition -- drat that I can't draw curves in e-mail.

    If I could, there would be concentric arcs.  One big one over the 4 
books, and then an arc over each pair, and each book with an interior 
arc exclusive to itself, all nested.

    Unlike the Miles books, these really do need to be read in order, 
1-2-3-4.  Although the second pair could *almost* be read separately 
from the first pair.

    Now all we need is a title.. or several of them.  Thoughts?

    Ta, L.

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