[LMB] listbiz, was Pizza Call (was OT: Slash)

M Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 16 21:47:02 GMT 2006

rizwana z wrote:

>   Holy contract craziness! (- Ive been watching too much old Batman and Robin:p)
>   300!!! Hope you dont go nuts AND get to enjoy some of the weekend.
>   :) Riz
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Thanks. We have 3 new clients with 2913 locations going live jan 1 - and 
every one of them needs at least 1 type of 3 types of paperwork 
generated. *sigh*

I got 92 done today. Saturdays are great, nobody comes in and bothers me 
so I can get a lot done.

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