[LMB] Women asking for what they want, was Slash'n'Anime'n'Romance

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Certainly a valid point.  It makes me wonder (I am not sure if this will come out right)
How much of the attraction was towards Admiral Naismith and not Miles Vorkosigan.

"The thing's hollow, it goes on forever and...oh my god it's full of stars!"

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>I tend to agree with laura's comments in that it is both generational  
>and vor/non-vor related
> I found it interesting that of the woman Miles was obviously serious 
> about (Eleana, Eli, Ekaterin) The one he did marry was also a vor.  
> Was that intentional on Lois's part or not?

The factors included that Miles needed someone who would be comfortable  on 
or at least accepting of Barrayar.  The other women were adamantly opposed 
to living the role of Lady Vorkosigan of Barrayar and residing permanent 
party on Barrayar.   Ekaterin was accepting of the idea of life on Barrayar 
and the role of Lady Vorkosigan.

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