[LMB] title thoughts survey

The Sundance Kid bobug at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 16 23:46:20 GMT 2006

I agree with Dennis on the point of liking to know if books are
related. My biggest peeves with books? When I can't tell the order. Ok,
maybe book 7 took place between books 1 and 2, but, darnit, I want to
read them as they were written.

As it's the same "universe", linking them as Book 1, 2, 3, 4 makes
sense to me, even if the cast changes. If you're planning to keep
writing in this "universe", I'd really prefer something like a moniker
to denote the universe, and split up "sets" of books within it. e.g.: A
<widget> novel: The Sharing Knife vol. 1 Beguilement, and for the next
series: A <widget novel>: The Wide Green Yonder (sorry, every time you
write that title, I think "wild green yonder")

When a writer creates multiple worlds, some people will invariably like
one more than another, so this also helps keep frustration down on "Oh,
mrph. I ordered this because I thought ALL books were of the Chalion
universe" (not much chance getting mixed up between Sharing Knife and
Miles, though ;))

There's my thought -

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