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> On the  other hand, there are lots of people who know, "I'm not sure what 
> I
> want,  but I do NOT want the life that everyone around me is extolling" --
> Fawn was of that nature to a degree.  She upped and left the farm for
> something Else, she didn't really have experience Elsewhere, but she was
> absolutely certain that she didn't want to stick around where she was
> from....
> M:
> I thought Fawn left primarily because she was pregnant and  unmarried . . 
> .

Yes, BUT--someone else might have stayed around, or said something to a 
relative, or asked to go visit "cousins" for a while, or...  all the stuff 
that used to happen to girls who got pregnant who were under 18, shipped off 
for the duration of the pregnancy to Elsewhere by the family to go forward 
with the pregnancy until terminated by abortion (natural or otherwise...) or 
childbirth and if the results were a healthy baby, most of the time it would 
be handed to an adoption agency.  Sometimes the girl;'s mother would 
announce she was pregnant and the family would pretend the mother, not the 
daughter, was the mother of the baby.  And occasionally the girl would come 
home with the baby... or never leave, but usually, the girl was sent away 
for some amount of time, until no longer pregnant and physically to the 
casual observer showing no signs of having had been pregnant.

I was posting from work and was limited in time and effort available for the 

> I can understand the attitude of leaving home--I certainly did it myself
> ASAP, at age 16.  And didn't Ekaterin meet Tien at some South  Continent 
> college
> or university?
> I don't agree with Ekaterin's attitude, and certainly didn't make similar
> choices myself, marrying at 31 instead of under 20.  I just think 
> comparing  her
> with Kareen is unfair, because they were from such different  backgrounds.

I agree that she and Kareen had very different backgrounds.  I think that a 
comparison with Fawn is fairer, regarding doing versus not doing what a 
dutiful daughter would do.  Fawn didn't want anyone where she was from 
knowing she had succumbed to Sunny's lures and furthermore that she had 
gotten pregnant from it; it seemed to be a mix of loss of face, shame, 
showing up as having been stupid and naive, and being in a bad situation 
that she didn't want to have to tell her family about.  She decided to deal 
with the bad cards by vacating the premises and heading for somewhere else 
to make a new life--in some ways she reminds of Elena Bothari. 

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