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Irene Delse irenedelse at neuf.fr
Mon Dec 18 10:47:03 GMT 2006

Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:
> *** Here, I think, you have run up against a social convention of the 
> admittedly rather Aspergerish (spelling?) science fiction fandom; 
> correction of fact as a sort of game or sport, applauded by both 
> players and observers like a good serve or volley in tennis.   The 
> victim is not expected to be daunted or embarrassed; they're expected 
> to be *interested*, and maybe excited because they've found someone 
> else who's interested, too.  It's a form of making conversation.
>     Elise Matthesen's sister, who is some kind of psychologist, <snip> 
> speculated it might be an unintended side-effect of early and 
> precocious reading.

My, my... One should never underestimate the power of reading! 
Especially on young, easily impressed minds ;-)


Irene Delse


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