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Tzivia Adler tadler at yeshivanet.com
Mon Dec 18 14:03:41 GMT 2006

> Also, reminding them that all these pictures are almost certainly
> Photoshopped (or the moral equivalent) is hardly out of line. The
> people in the pictures may be beautiful in real life -- or they may
> be well made-up and have had all their blemishes and folds and
> double-chins edited out.
> --Beth, arcangel at io.com     http://www.io.com/~arcangel/
and yet people -male and female- subconsciously expect women to look like 
the 'airbrushed' pictures, bec. that's what is on display.  its hard not to 
compare.  i do it too, and i haven't owned a televesion these last ten 
years, i don't buy the fashion magaznes, i don't buy any magazine that 
offers diet tips or -ten lowfat holiday recepies!!!- .  i just see 
billboards and signs on stores and the cover of magazines with scrawny women 
in skimpy swimsuits and glamourous hair. (i have great hair.  it will never 
be as glamourous as the magazines.  i have made peace with this.)

and yes, everything can be a learning experience, but seeing is believeing, 
and when a six year old sees that this is what is expected from females, its 
hard to persuade her otherwise.

ziviya, fighting the endless battle. 

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