[LMB] Mundane/fen body language (long)

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Mon Dec 18 15:29:41 GMT 2006

Let me try this again. I have the entire essay on my "Essays on-line" page 
and what's interesting is that the speech expert's first impression of fans 
is that we were shockingly rude. Not because we were mean & nasty, but 
because we violated mundane "traffic rules" for speaking.

One interesting thing she noticed was that while she was gasping in horror 
at the fan who corrected another fan's pronunciation, the other fan was 
grateful, and thanked his corrector.

It's a whole nuther culture fer shure. And I have two friends who told me 
the first time they ever felt normal (whatever that means!) was at our 
regional con. Myself, I feel like (not my metaphor! Stolen with deep 
thanks!) a fresh-water fish in mildly brackish water even at the University, 
but at cons, the water is fresh.



"I enjoyed the meetings, too," said Luna serenely. "It was like having 
friends." J.K. Rowling, HPB

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