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Mon Dec 18 17:09:36 GMT 2006

On 12/18/06, Dennis Smith <timelord at pobox.com> wrote:

> > Premise: you can be placed on Barrayar at the time of your own
> > choicing [sic] and whatever social status desired
> > Caveat: you have to be yourself and not any of the characters
> > known to Canon.

> I'm also definitely signing up for some of Professor Vorthys
> classes.  Engineering errors, yep. First row, third seat from the left.
> I'd also wish my parents had moved around the Vorkosigans - in
> service, you know - but that would be too much... both my mother
> and stepfather are actors :-P

Hmm.  Vorreitman is unlikely, given family history, so I'll aim for a lawyer  
working on a private law reform committee as part of the Preconstitutional 
period that I think Barrayar is going through under Gregor.  (I can just see 
Gregor saying to himself, What if little Serg proves to be as batty as his 

    						Dan, ad nauseam

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