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On 12/18/06, dreitman at spiritone.com <dreitman at spiritone.com> wrote:
> On 12/18/06, Dennis Smith <timelord at pobox.com> wrote:
> Hmm.  Vorreitman is unlikely, given family history, so I'll aim for a
> lawyer
> working on a private law reform committee as part of the Preconstitutional
> period that I think Barrayar is going through under Gregor.  (I can just
> see
> Gregor saying to himself, What if little Serg proves to be as batty as his
> grandfather?)

Ah, but Vorbarras appear to allow exceptions  to the naming traditions.
Otherwise Gregor would be Ezar, and Serg would be Dorca, right?  Which
doesn't take care of the battiness issue, but hopefully gene-cleaning will
be good enough by the time the little guy is conceived that they can just
wash that craziness right out of his system.

Where would I be?  Enough in the future so some of those analysts in the
bowls of ImpSec are women.  But not so far in the future that I would not
have been able to take classes from *Professora* Vorthys.  So, of the
educated plebe class.

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