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Beth Mitcham mitcham.beth at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 18:42:14 GMT 2006

No, that wasn't a quote.  It was a paraphrase like in the quotes above it
that showed how you both were talking past each other. Neither of you used
the exact words given in this thread.  I don't want people to think those
were your words, and I agree with you that the disagreement between you and
Bill shouldn't be the subject of this listbiz discussion.  So I'll snip the
rest of this.

If later you want to know how I got that as the gist, I'm happy to show you,
but I agree that later is better.

But on the actual listbiz part, I think this is a good example of why pizza
is useful because it doesn't require a meeting of minds -- if two people are
feeling attacked while neither feels they are attacking, pizza can call the
whole thing off and everyone can figure it was that other hothead that was
being quieted.  And why it is unsatisfying because it doesn't give a chance
for just one last comment that maybe would have brought everyone into
harmony again.  Or even for everyone to understand why they were being
attacked when they have been so innocuous.

I think it's usually worth it, because that harmonizing comment is elusive
and often will never appear, and if a conversation is heated enough that
pizza calls are coming in, then understanding may be more difficult than it

Beth Mitcham

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