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At 02:59 AM 20/12/2006, Richard Suitor wrote:

>What happened to Australia?  That sometimes gets lumped in with the
>Pacific Islands. Anyway, it has a bit of land mass, even though it
>doesn't have much population.  I would expect by 2300, with that
>population, better use might be made of it.   Maybe one could build
>big Caves of Steel out in the desert, with serious water recycling and
>greenhouse thingies on the roof.   Or Caves of (some stronger, more
>available composite).
Australia is the greater part of the Land of Oceania, with NZ and the 
Pacific Iles joining us. Much of our land is near uninhabitable, 
leading to the lowest population density outside of Antartica. We 
have huge mineral resources however, so steel is not a scarce resource.


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