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Wed Dec 20 00:11:42 GMT 2006

Tora and Tony were commentint:
Tony wrote:
> TSK is lighter than I'm used to with Her Ladyship's books, but I
> think that part of the darkness and the seriousness at the climax
> of the Vorkosigan arc was precisely the contrast with what had come
> before, and the realization that Miles was growing up and some things
> just weren't appropriate any longer, and some enemies are serious...
> the worst of them being yourself.

Tora replied:
*snip* Your perception of TSK is very different from mine.  I had a
miscarriage in February of 2005, and even though I have a lovely baby
boy now, I found that part of TSK _very_ difficult to get through.  If
I'd read it before my son was born (between Feb 2005 and Jan 2006),
I'm pretty sure I would have become seriously depressed reading TSK
and I might not even have been able to read through that part.  I'd
probably have skimmed it and I usually consciously savor every word of
a new LMB book. *other good points also snipped, for sake of space*

I honestly think a lot of it is about which character we identify with
the most, and where we are in life. Memory, for me, was painful to
read. It brought up a lot of history, and while I loved every minute,
it truly ached to read. I have always identified with the little
admiral (being 5'2, busty, auburn-haired and mostly Irish yields quite
interesting "forward momentum")

Fawn, to me... wasn't a bad character, at all, but didn't interest me
nearly as much as Dag did, and neither as much as Simon. 

I think there's something... crisper... to the Vorkosigan world, for
me. It's very vivid to me. Maybe, in this case, growing up in Ohio and
picturing my own experiences with country families... shifted my views.


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