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Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Wed Dec 20 04:58:48 GMT 2006

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From: "Elizabeth Holden" <azurite at rogers.com>

> --- paal at gis.net wrote:
>> I went to the wedding was it two years ago now?! of
>> two old friends, who had been partners for 255
>> years at the time.
> Is that a typo, or do you have Immortal friends?

That was a typo.

>> henceforth legal marriage
>> in Massachusetts included marriage of two people of
>> the same gender.
> Cool. Excellent.
>> It's been more than a year and a half now, and the
>> state hasn't fallen into the ocean, been destroyed
>> by a tsunami,
> I think I would  have heard.

Several of us here would have abruptly gone silent... and it would have made 
the news, etc.

I wonder if the readership will get to see some same-gender (even 
hermaphrodites...) marriages in the next Nexus book.

Speaking of worst things to happen to characters--Ivan getting accidentally 
married to another man?!

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