[LMB] sherwooding listbiz

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Wed Dec 20 12:21:19 GMT 2006

I asked:
> > Is that a typo, or do you have Immortal friends?

Paula said:
> That was a typo.

I am somewhat disappointed.
> I wonder if the readership will get to see some
> same-gender (even 
> hermaphrodites...) marriages in the next Nexus book.

I like the idea.
> Speaking of worst things to happen to
> characters--Ivan getting accidentally 
> married to another man?!

Do you think he'd think that was so bad? I think he'd
think it a great joke. And I don't know any places
where an 'accidental' marriage would be considered
binding.  Most places make great efforts to make sure
accidental marriages don't happen.

The worst thing I can imagine for Ivan would be to be
ignored. Or to be helpless to help Miles (or another
family member) when they were in trouble.


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