[LMB] Ivar was a Barrayaran Boy..

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Wed Dec 20 16:21:13 GMT 2006

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> On Wed, 20 Dec 2006, PAT MATHEWS wrote:
> > Sorry, Ivan. You're headed for history's dustbin.
> >
>      I think Ivan accepts that his lovelife is going to be a series
> of pleasant trainwrecks. If you really want to screw him over, make
> him emperor or if you don't want the body count that implies, have
> Gregor appoint him (I don't know the Barryarian term) Satrap of Komarr
> on the basis that Komarr is less likely to rise up under a king log
> like Ivan than a king stork like Miles or Mark.

I just thought of something else... Ivan being the recipient of a
package from Cetaganda... one doesn't have to be -married- to have
offspring,  and there was that precedent of the uterine replicators
delivered postage paid from Beta and its allies, to Barrayar...

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