[LMB] Re: OT: Pizza recipe, was: Misc. gender issues

Ruth Frey solsticebiz at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 21 17:37:05 GMT 2006

      Oooooookaaaaay, I think it's time for a little posting analysis here.
 In the context of feminine/non-feminine clothing choices, I reaffirmed that I don't care much for some kinds of feminine clothing, esp. *itchy* lace (which everyone seems to agree on, really), and then, just to be silly, I ended my post with:
 >>      And pink is icky, so there!  :)
 Then Malfoy responded (snipped for length, but high points left in):

>That's as may be, but pink is MY favourite colour and I adore
>lace, and I have vivid childhood memories of being forced into
>primary coloured leggings and trousers, which I hated, and having
>my hair forcibly cut, which I hated.  . . . 
>I said I loved ultrafeminine clothing and I do.  I don't recall
>having said that anyone else had to wear it.  . . .
>If it wouldn't make you happy, fine, but I am kind of tired of
>being told that it's icky, or that refusing to wear short skirts,
>short sleeves and low necklines means that I'm somehow repressed,
>oppressed and hate my body. . . 

     Whoa, dude.
      Okay, clarification time.  I made an offhand comment I thought was funny, used immature language ("icky/so there") to help emphasize that point, and ended with a smiley.
      I never intended to bring up your personal childhood traumas, I never said anything about *you personally* attempting to make me wear anything (nor, in fact, do I think I said anything about *any*body making me wear anything), nor did I say anything about forcibly holding  you down and making *you* wear anything, nor did I mention opression, repression, or hating anyone's bodies.
      Obviously, pink, and clothing in general are a big issue for you.  Sorry I hit the wrong button, but my intent was never to do so.  You are, of course, free to wear whatever you want and to tell me to go to hell while you are doing it (which you have), and I never meant to imply otherwise.
      At this point, having clarified my original intents, I will now cut my resposes to the rest of this topic before I inadvertantly say something *else* hideously wrong, cause the situation to escalate, and we end up with another one in the oven (er, a pizza, that is).  I do hope that you'll keep in mind that, whenever I post here in the future on *other* topics, offense is not, and will never be, my intent.  I'm here to talk, not to fight.
      If I was planning on fighting, I would have worn the swords, after all . . . but that leads us into the dangerous territory of accessorizing . . . :D
                         -- Ruth

"Y'know, when you're a kid, they tell you it's all grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that's it.  No.  The truth is, the world is so much stranger than that.  It's so much darker, and so much madder . . . and so much *better.*"  Elton, "Love and Monsters."
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