[LMB] OT: attire, was Misc. gender issues

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I wear Size 14. Hips, 42-44 inches. Bust, 40-42 inches. Waist, 35-36 inches. 
However, if women's clothing gets any more clinging or any tighter I will 
either go to a men's cut (I wear a Men's Medium in T-shirts and sweat 
shirts) or up a size.

Plus women's sizes change with the store, the designer, the economic class 
of the shopper, the fad of the moment ....


In this kind of weather, the first thing that strikes a newcomer is an SUV.


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>Note on women's clothing:
>I am a total idiot.
>Sorry, but what is a 10, or 4, or 14, or (heaven help us!) 0!
>My wife has a terrible time buying clothes that fit properly because she 
>can't wear high heels.
>Bill Wenrich
>Some minds are like concrete thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.
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