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> Ah! Now I understand the question.  Rumour is that
> Steven Moffatt and Russell T. Davies are working on a
> script about 'the origins of Captain Jack' - that
> might imply a young Jack.  Or not.
Episode 12 of "Torchwood" is called "Captain Jack Harkness and 
features ("Torchwood Spoilers)

Tosh and Jack going back in time to 1941.  "Everything Changes" stated 
that the events of "The Empty Child" took place on the night of 19th 
January, 1941, as Jack failed to report for duty on 01-20-41.  So, if 
this episode is set before 01-19-41 we might see an earlier version of 
Capt. Jack, who is still a con-man.

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