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Azalais Aranxta tiamat at tsoft.com
Fri Dec 22 01:43:03 GMT 2006

On Thu, 21 Dec 2006, PAT MATHEWS wrote:

> >From: John Campbell Rees <jwcr at gardd-lelog.org.uk>

> >I agree with the all of the above.  However, and I know all
> >the women on this list are going to shout at me being such a
> >social dinosaur, butI was brought up at the tail end of the
> >epoch when women wore skirts and dress just about all the
> >time. So I actively dislike women in trousers.

Dislike seeing women in trousers, or dislike seeing women that
you are interested in yourself in trousers, or dislike the women
who are in the trousers?

> >So, I know I am a sexist pig, but I think women look so much
> >better in dresses.

Eh.  In general I agree that many, perhaps even most, women look
better in skirts.  I just don't think it's any of my business how
they dress.  In specific I differ--there are some women who don't
belong in skirts at all, and there are men who probably would
look great in them.  Some women look better in men's clothes than
many men do.

> I was coming out of the local drugstore this morning and saw an old woman in
> a knee-length dress, knee-length coat, and wool scarf around her head.

I have never understood the reason behind the knee-length dress.
Other than rationing during the war, there doesn't seem to be
one.  I think it's horribly unflattering to most people.
Immodest by some standards, even, when you reach up or have to
get anything, and if it's tight it rides up, and if it's loose it
blows high easily.  If I ever did wear one again I'd want hem
weights in it.

I would never wear a skirt that hit at, just above, or just below
the knee.  I wear them low-calf to floor length.

> Believe me, all she looked was frozen cold. I don't think it
> would have occurred to anyone of her generation to do what
> Malfoy and I would have done, absent trousers, and put on a
> heavy long skirt. And take it from me, stockings do not do the
> trick.

I don't wear trousers when it's freezing cold, no way.  I wear
leggings, heavy socks, a petticoat and a long heavy skirt.  And a
sweater over a long-sleeved t-shirt.

In California it rarely gets cold enough to warrant that though.
It's December, I'm wearing a leather coat over my skirt and

But in Northern Ohio I wore skirts--long woollen ones--over
leggings and socks and boots.


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