[LMB] Listbiz: Amending the Pizza Call - Vote Now

BJ van Look vanlook at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 23 19:22:02 GMT 2006

--- Victoria L'Ecuyer <vlecuyer at ksu.edu> wrote:

> *Wanders in carrying the soap box*
> *Sets it down and notices the mailing labels, paper seals and postage 
> stamps affixed to the sides in a random arrangement*
> *shakes head* *sighs*  I went a little card crazy last night. *opens box*
> Right. *doffs Serengetti Santa Hat* As posted earlier, I'm opening polls.
> We are voting on whether or not we want to amend the pizza call. What 
> form that amendment will take remains to be seen. Right now, my goal is 
> to find out how many people on the list want to change the Pizza Call.  
> Discussion about pizza and other list quirks may continue.  Or not. 
> *rummages in soap box and pulls out a voting booth*
> Voting starts today December 21, 2006 and ends January 3, 2007.  The two 
> weeks should allow for travelers and those isolated from computers 
> and/or internet access due to the holidays time to vote.  The majority 
> carries the day.  Please respond to this e-mail via the list.  As the 
> instigator of this little exercise, I will collect and tally the votes 
> then post the final results. 
> Votes that are not posted with this subject line will not be counted.
> Votes sent to my private e-mail account will not be counted, either. 
> This is a show of hands, folks.
> To that end.....
> All in favor of amending the Pizza Call vote: Aye (yes, yup, youbetcha, 
> yipdipper and other clearly positive indicators will be counted, too)
> All opposed to amending the Pizza Call vote: Nay (nope, naw, no way, 
> noperdoper and other clearly negative indicators will be counted as well.)
> *pulls a string of colored lights out of the soap box and drapes it over 
> the voting booth* *dons the Serengetti Santa Hat*
> Happy Hannuka.
> Merry Christmas
> Happy Kwanzaa
> Blessed Solstice
> Happy New Year to all
> I'll be responding to various people's posts regarding listbiz at random 
> times. Life is a little hectic right now.
> *picks up the soap box and toddles off*
> Victoria
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