[LMB] Sharing Knife Vintage?

Tora K. Smulders-Srinivasan tora.smulders at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 21:26:54 GMT 2006

On 12/18/06, Jo'Asia <joasia at fandom.art.pl> wrote:
> I almost forgot. About 6 weeks ago we (me, my husband and a pair of ur
> friends) have been in France, andin a winne shop we saw, well, a
> bottle of wine. We just *had* to buy it...
> Here is a photo of this bottle:
> <http://home.agh.edu.pl/~joasia/bujold-wine-01.jpg> and a close-up
> <http://home.agh.edu.pl/~joasia/bujold-wine-02.jpg>

Hee hee!  That's great!  Haut just means "high" in French, right?  But
Rian doesn't mean anything, does it?

Anyway, very cool.  I think I'd have to buy it as well.  Well, I also
love Rose, so...  (yes, I have a very uneducated palate besides loving


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