[LMB] re "ignored" posts

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 31 19:25:22 GMT 2006

I, too, feel that any number of my posts seem to disappear into the
ether but after spending several years one various lists and groups I
learned it doesn't always bother me.  Specifically, it doesn't bother
me if a comment isn't responded to and I feel good if it kicks off a
discussion.  It does bother me a little if a question gets ignored. 
I'm not sure how I feel when a question is responded to but the
response takes the discussion in some other direction entirely.

The list often backs up on me, in that sometimes it's a week before I
can read the accumulated mass of digests.  This has three effects -
y'all see a bunch of posts from me all at once (I don't mean to
monopolize the conversation), that I'm often behind the trend on
responses, and that I respond less than when I read the digests in
real time.

And I try not to "me too" posts, but there are a lot I could do that

In sum, no response doesn't equal no notice, but it's hard to tell
that.  Tora's interpretation gets my vote.

- Harimad

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