[LMB] A Weird Challenge

Croft, Janet B. jbcroft at ou.edu
Fri Jan 20 20:57:43 GMT 2006

(Yes, I AM supposed to be working on something.  That's why I'm posting
so much...)

Elegant but tough? How about Lauren Bacall? 


As you might have guessed, I have nothing important to do today and got
to thinking (always fatal after pizza with anchovies, Italian sausage
and jalapeno peppers).

If you had a blockbuster budget and the ability to raise movie stars
from the dead--or to use those currently on view (and I am not talking
the Madonnas or the other pseudo stars--but those of real ability) who
would you cast for the first movie, SHARDS?  And why?  

So far, I have decided that Rachel Roberts or perhaps Diana Rigg might
be Cordelia---somewhat elegant but with an inherent toughness.


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