[LMB] Casting Thread - The Muppet Version

Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 00:56:50 GMT 2006

The Muppet casting thread:
> > Fozzy bear as Ivan
> > Sam as Piotr

Diane E. added
> If Kermit is Miles, Miss Piggy has to be Quinn.
> How about Rolf for Aral?
> Scooter as Kou.
> Bothari *has* to be played by Sweetums!
> And Enrique is obviously Bunsen Honeydew.

> As for who plays Serg/Vorrutyer, that's obvious-- Tim Curry!
> (The villain in a Muppet movie is always the token human.)
> But who could we possibly cast as Cordelia? Or Alys, for
> that matter? (There aren't nearly enough female muppets.)

No, there aren't.


For Alys - Hilda, the costumer?  Would match with her planning all of
Cordelia's outfits.

For Cordelia.  Hm.  Not Annie Sue, I think, not Camilla the Chicken,
or Mildred (George's dance partners), not Wanda.  I think it has to be
Janice.  (in the band, also Nurse Janice in the Veterinary Hospital

Karl and I are debating whether or not Rolf could be Aral.  He said he
can't see Rolf killing in cold blood.  I said I can - but then, I also
identify Rolf with my mother.

Laura Gallagher

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