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> I think (Ingrey's) need for integrity came after his world was shaken
> several times (falling in love, for one, and learning Horseriver's
> story, for another; meeting Hallana by itself, for one more...) and he
> realized he may take another part in society but the villain. But he is
> using tools he is accustomed to and has kept well-honed. For their own
> sake, not for the sake of integrity.

Kalina, I think you have it. This novel is about the redemption and rehabilitation of Ingrey, after all, and until now he has ... well, not exactly been the villain, but played that role, in the service of the Kingdom and to stay alive. Now he sees there is another way to stay alive than by being the hardest of the hard, and he is getting ready to make the leap ... especially as Lord Horseriver is washing the ground out from under his old hard self, if I can mix metaphors thoroughly here. 

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