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I noticed no one jumped in with anything about thatching yet.  Try this
site -- it looks remarkably complete: http://www.thatch.org/

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sadly, yet another list member is commiting, or attempting to commit, a
sigh. you'd think i'd find something better to do with my alleged free

however, i ran into a sad lack of information.  a city girl writing ye
olde country tale is going to have rather a lot of that :)

so, does anyone know how to go about thatching a roof?  also, what about
herbs people used to use as medication?  i know willow bark tea was used
to bring down fever, was it also used as headache tea?  what was good
for arthritis?  what kinds of stuff were used in  poltices?  

as far as i know, flowers tend to grow colorful side up and root side
down.  and... yup, thats about it.

my local librarian couln't help me find any books on these two topics.
does anyone here know something useful?  or know about useful books?

thanks ever so much
zivia, who can at least amuse a teen age sister with un-publishable

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