[LMB] Re: titles, redux

Eileen McConnell phoenixargent at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 18:55:39 BST 2006

>>Miles and the Moment

Tweaking these slightly:  "Miles in the Moment" ?   "Miles With Momentum"?
"Miles of Momentum"  ?  (Snerk.  Because it really does seem to be his main
product, peddled to every unwary would-be soldier across the galaxy!)

I'm still most fond of "Miles Away," though.  Because _DI_ is, essentially,
Miles having come to terms with his Auditorship and himself-- he's
accomplished many inner goals, achieved his own unique notoriety ("there's
never been an Auditor this young.  I checked."), and is now off again on new
adventures in different directions.  Plus, there's little Aral Alexander and
Helen Natalia, a new generation and a continuing-- the far-away future just
beginning to glimmer on the horizon.

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