[LMB] Handle like Eggs (WAS OT: James Bryant's Wedding Photos)

Derry Thompson derry at gloderworks.com
Wed Jul 12 16:42:33 BST 2006

James M. BRYANT, G4CLF at jbryant at lunainternet.net said on Wed, 12 Jul
2006 16:22:09 +0100

>Try dropping a fresh hen's egg onto a (twig and pebble
>free) lawn. Or throwing it over the house onto the
>same lawn. It rarely breaks and you can win bets on
>the matter.

I saw this demonstrated once. Margaret Thatcher (the then Education
minister) was officially opening our new college buildings.  The
National Union of Students had organised a demo - protesting the end of
free milk in schools - and we (my fellow art students and I) turned
armed armed with eggs. 

We got spotted by the police, rounded up, and the eggs were confiscated.
One policeman took the eggs on to the college playing fields and threw
them to the ground. They didn't break. He threw them some more, they
still didn't break. So he ended up stamping on them. Unfortunately he
was a little too enthusiastic and slipped over on the mess of raw eggs -
literally ending up with egg on his face.  :)


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