[LMB] OT: First Book, Second Language

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 17 19:16:26 BST 2006

James - l'Anglais s'ecrit:

> but the first one I
> read of my own volition was 
>"Asterix le Gaulois".

Oh good.  I didn't speak up because I was not sure that comic books counted.

Reading the French really pointed up to me just how good the British translation was.  The British translator really had a flair for making the puns work over the language barrier, and when that was not possible, substituting an equally ripe one in its place, preserving the pacing.  I respect that.

The one bit that drove me a little nuts was the word "farpaitment" which didn't appear in any dictionary.  A cheating look at the English translation revealed the reason.  Ha!  As it turned out, this was a case of drunken Spoonerism by Obelix, who was trying to say "parfaitment" or "Perfectly!" But apparently not Ferpectly.  Google pops out 270 instances of the word, most of which either seem to refer back to Asterix, intoxication or just being silly.

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