[LMB] OT: First book, second language

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Mon Jul 17 20:46:55 BST 2006

--- Azalais Aranxta <tiamat at tsoft.com> wrote:

> I found Fionavar to be a) bad Arthurian pastiche and
> b) intensely depressing.

I agree with (a), didn't think (b),though I didn't
much like it - it seemed a letdown after Tigana,
mostly because of (a).

> But I love Lions of Al-Rassan like whoa.

Yes. And Tigana and The Lions of Al-Rassan (I suppose
some might find the ending depressing) and A Song for
Arbonne and The Last Light of the Sun.

> I think he does better when he's adapting actual
> history.


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