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On my  previous laptop I have a picture of "Hugo the bobcat" who the owner 
took  home thinking that the reral but friendly cat hanging around a 7-11 
that  the owner wanted gone, was a felis domesticus.  He took it to the vet  
for a checkup and the vet disabused him of his assumption.  The cat  looks 
like a large, somewhat oddly-shaped overgrown housecat with   stumpy tail.

I've heard of several people doing that.  The only bobcats I was  personally 
acquainted with were the ones belonging to a cousin of my  mother's and to 
some friends in my home town, and they were correctly  identified from the time 
they were acquired.  Both were cuddly,  affectionate pets hard to tell from 
Felis domestica except for their larger size  and short tails.  One of my 
childhood pets was a halfbreed bobcat/domestic  cat, and he was so placid I could set 
up dollhouse furniture on his belly and  pretend he was a rug, while he 
watched with mild interest.  That poor  animal also submitted to being dressed in 
baby clothes (he was too big for doll  clothes) and being wheeled around in a 
baby carriage. I think I was about nine  or ten at the time.

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