[LMB] The Baen newsletter

Greg Hennessy greg.hennessy at cox.net
Tue Jul 25 00:25:41 BST 2006

On Monday 24 July 2006 5:18 pm, Wayne B. Houseknecht wrote:
> 3. The Cetagandan doctor informs him that the damage caused by the 
> bio-weapon will likely reduce his lifespan by 10-20 years, but he probably 
> won't notice. So, the gene-twiddling, bio-engineering, cat-tree growing 
> Cetagandans didn't have some nano-level treatment that could repair the 
> damage that was caused? I lost all sense of belief in what I was reading at 
> that point.

Well, I got the impression that everyone else exposed to this weapon had *died*.

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