Highwayman books (was Re: [LMB] Re: The Baen Newsletter)

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Tue Jul 25 17:13:02 BST 2006

I complained about the cost and weight of history
books and Alayne said:

> Giggle! That is *so true*. OTOH, be glad you didn't
> study art history -- or collect photography books. 

I would if I could.

> We recently picked up a second William 
> Claxton book, 

Do you mean Caxton?  And if so, can I see it?

> I love ILL too -- I just wish they'd have longer
> loan periods, especially with books like that.

So very true. I'm having considerable trouble reading
all the way through some of the books I've received
before the due date, and they don't all allow renewal.

> I have been that way myself, but was inoculated by
> having been thoroughly disgusted by the first 
> Shannara book. 

I was never tempted even to open the cover.

> Regency-era fantasy, OTOH...

How much of that is there?  Caroline Stevermer, of
course, and Patricia Wrede. Naomi Novik. What else? Am
I forgetting someone obvious?

> I have a couple boxes around somewhere containing my
> Jeffrey Farnol collection (he was, BTW, an early 
> influence of Heyer's). 

I read at least one of his, title long forgotten. My
mother used to hread his books.

> If you can ignore 
> the profusion of exclamation marks, I recommend
> them.

I have high tolerance for exclamation marks, born of
the days when comic books ended *every* sentence with
am exclamation mark (if not a question mark) because
the printing quality was so poor that periods didn't
show up.  I don't miss those days.

> And I'm sure I've read many romances over the years
> where highwaymen 
> played some role in the plot. I must cogitate.

Yes, please.  Cogitate as best you can.

> > > I'm currently rereading Heyers at random,
> Including _The Talisman Ring_, I hope? Excellent
> highwayman section in that one.

Must check whether I have that one.


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