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Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 25 17:46:12 BST 2006

Paula Lieberman wrote:

>What others are there--oh, The White Goddess by Robert Graves. Talk about 
>farragoes of utter contrived nonsense....perhaps if I'd been 14 at the time 
>I tried to read it I wouldn't have viewed it as such arrant nonsense/so 
>harshly as I did as I got further and further into it. 

I jokingly opined that Graves must have dropped the manuscript on the way to the post box to send to his publisher, picked up the chapters in random order and just sent them that way, as The Will Of The Goddess.  This rumour got around the local pagan community and got back to me as Gospel Truth [if that expression is usable in this context].  This is how Urban Legends are born!

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