[LMB] Re: the Dinner scene in ACC

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Fri Jul 28 21:13:50 BST 2006

little Alex:
> > Some people, including me, have a major
> > embarrassment/humuliation squick. 

Yes.  But even give that, different people have
different scenes that trigger that squick.

JLB says:
> And like Alex says, I know
> he'll recover, eventually. So it becomes more 
> comfortably comedy for me. 

I find it comedy with an edge - just the right side of
squick.  Which simply gives it more emotive power. The
stakes are high. The situation is dire. And it's

And I must
> admit, generally Bujold's work does not effect me
> emotionally nearly
> as much as it does other listees.

So far, the fantasies don't effect me so much
emotionally, but the Vorkosigan books hit straight at
my heart.

> JLB, omg actually participating in an on-topic
> discussion

Wonders never cease.


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