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On 7/28/06, Jessy Brody <jessybrody at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mary:
> > For some reason, I find two of the scenes in tWA harder
> to  read--Bothari's death and the torture of the pilot.  The dinner
> party  was painful, but bearable--from Ekaterin's behavior, it was obvious
> that things  were going to work out.
> Bothari's death was very blink and you'll miss it - and I liked it for
> that. It made it more poignant. You know, suddenly, and without
> fanfare, this mainstay and constant is *dead*.

The mastery of the creation of Bothari as a character was what made me vow
to buy and read everything that Lois wrote. She made him a sympathetic
character without letting him off the hook for his actions. I think this was
possible because we saw him through the eyes of Miles and Cordelia - two
people he had served and protected.

I wonder if we should really see Miles having three parents instead of the
two most obvious ones. Four, if you count Illyan - although he could be seen
more as a later mentor I suppose.

Bothari's death was . . . kharmically right (if that makes sense) and
devastating at the same time.

Grr . . . now I want to start back at the beginning . . . and I just
finished a complete re-read. Hard to justify 2 in 6 months!


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