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> So  how old was/is Bel?

>I don't know, however, he was a full captain in  charge of his own ship when
>Miles first ran into him, meaning that he  was probably no younger than in
>his 40s, probably even more like over  50, given he's a Betan

I always assumed Bel was older than  that.  As I recall, somewhere in the
midst of Mark's shenanigans, Bel  says something to the effect of, "Not bad
for a middle-aged Betan."   Putting that together with Cordelia's observation
(in _DI_? I think) that  while 70 is old age for a Barrayaran, it's only
middle age for a Betan,  I've always kind of assumed Bel was in the
late-sixties-to-seventies  range.

I've just been listening to tWA on tape in the car, and Bel is called  
"Lieutenant."  Most Navy lieutenants are in  their late twenties, having passed 
through Ensign and Lieutenant  j.g., and army lieutenants are usually in their 
early to  mid-twenties; I would assume it was about 10 years older than Miles, 
who was  17.  If the ranks are at all similar.  But since it was executive  
officer of a light cruiser, not only does lieutenant sound like the appropriate  
rank, but late twenties sounds like the appropriate age for the rank and  
Mary, who does *not* want to hear any terms like "camp follower" bandied  
about.  It's not my fault I grew up near one base and went to college near  

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