[LMB] The Squid on the Mantelpiece

Nancy L. Barber nlbarber at alum.emory.edu
Mon Jul 31 15:05:15 BST 2006

At 9:17 AM +0100 7/31/06, James M. BRYANT, G4CLF wrote:
>The "Turkey City Lexicon"
>http://www.sfwa.org/writing/turkeycity.html credits
>Chekov as the originator of this advice and defines its
>SFnal name "The Squid on the Mantelpiece" which is how
>we normally refer to it on this list. Pouncer wrote
>about it at length some time ago - can anyone refer
>Kalina to the URL, please?

Here it is, I think:

Barrayaran wet navy, an old estate house with a mantelpiece,
a 6-foot tentacle...and a G&S filk.  All in one classic Pouncer

     Nancy Barber

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