[LMB] Miles's exact height?

Mark Allums mallums at tyler.net
Mon Jul 31 16:43:56 BST 2006

Peter H. Granzeau wrote:
> 101.6 mm = 4".  Exactly.  For rule of thumb, 2.5 cm is approximately 
> 1".  Divide cm by 2.5, multiply in by 2.5, fudge up/down a couple of 
> mm.  I'm currently 71", or nearly 176 cm (I used to be 178 cm, but I got 
> old).

Go ahead and tell everybody that 2.54 cm. = 1.0 in. /exactly/.  Pedantry 
is next to godliness.  (How did this come to pass?  They redefined the 
inch.  Sneaky devils, aren't they?)

--Mark Allums, who's very close to 178 cm.

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