[LMB] Re: Barrayaran names

Agnes Charrel-Berthillier agnes at charrel.net
Tue May 2 17:47:46 BST 2006

Kalina Varbanova wrote:
> On 5/2/06, BOB!! <robtjwms at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Keep in mind the way that Barrayaran names distinguish between a
>> Count's heir and his brothers (item 13 of the People section of the
>>  FAQ).

Count's heir and every single Lord-level male in the family. Even the 
second one in the line of succession to a countship.

> Hmm. This does make sense (Lord Mark insisting to Enrique to call him
> Lord Mark and not Lord Vorkosigan sort of leaps to my mind). I still
> cannot fully reconcile it; I will have to ponder it some more.

Check TWA and the scene where the armsman awakes Miles by calling him 
Lord Vorkosigan instead of Lord Miles. He first thinks "why is he using 
my father's title" before the big brick hits that if he is Lord 
Vorkosigan, his grandfather is dead, his father is now Count Vorkosigan, 
and he *is* Lord Vorkosigan.


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