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Margaret Dean margdean at erols.com
Tue May 2 21:06:41 BST 2006

Kalina Varbanova wrote:

> Hmm... I would think Tolkien's essay (which I haven't read, yet) an overview
> of the genre, rather than of reality. I rather think that the World War
> which inspired a lot of ROTK, as far as I know, also did leave quite a few
> little ... urm... urchins dying of cold and hunger. But Rowena's comment is
> probably relevant to my original musings - perhaps the essay was on _folk_
> fairy tales, so Anderson would not have been considered.

In general, yes.  The essay was originally delivered as an Andrew
Lang Lecture at the University of St. Andrews in 1939 -- Andrew
Lang, of course, being (among other things) a student of folklore
and compiler of the "Fairy Books" of various colors that ziviya
(?) mentioned earlier.  So Tolkien was speaking in the context of
the study of traditional folk/fairy tales, though the more
literary sort get a mention here and there.

I do recommend the essay to anyone interested in fantasy writing.

--Margaret Dean
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