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Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Tue May 2 22:12:22 BST 2006

At 12:47 PM 5/2/2006, Agnes Charrel-Berthillier wrote:
>Kalina Varbanova wrote:
>>On 5/2/06, BOB!! <robtjwms at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>Keep in mind the way that Barrayaran names distinguish between a
>>>Count's heir and his brothers (item 13 of the People section of the
>>>  FAQ).
>Count's heir and every single Lord-level male in the family. Even 
>the second one in the line of succession to a countship.

At that, with only one level of nobility, Barrayar is much less 
convoluted than the British peerage.  I always loved the nicety of 
position that had Harriet Vane known to society as "Lady Peter 
Wimsey" (being "Lady" by virtue of a marriage to a person who was due 
the honorific "Lord Peter" but was not himself a peer).

>>Hmm. This does make sense (Lord Mark insisting to Enrique to call him
>>Lord Mark and not Lord Vorkosigan sort of leaps to my mind). I still
>>cannot fully reconcile it; I will have to ponder it some more.
>Check TWA and the scene where the armsman awakes Miles by calling 
>him Lord Vorkosigan instead of Lord Miles. He first thinks "why is 
>he using my father's title" before the big brick hits that if he is 
>Lord Vorkosigan, his grandfather is dead, his father is now Count 
>Vorkosigan, and he *is* Lord Vorkosigan.


I guess the only incongruity with Mark is his insisting on "Lord 
Mark" at all--he wasn't raised to be a Vor.

Regards, Pete
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