[LMB] OT: I've got a new job!

Scott Raun sraun at fireopal.org
Wed May 3 16:55:22 BST 2006

Starting Monday, May 15th, I'll be working at Moneygram International.
It's a regular position with benefits, hourly, base pay is comparable
to what I was getting at CNT.  It's 7AM-7PM Sun, Mon, Tues & alternate
Weds, so there is guaranteed overtime and shift differential.  If my
assumptions are correct, it's making for a nice pay raise over what I
was making at CNT.

They interviewed me from 12:30-2:00 this past Thursday afternoon.  At
the time, they told me that they were doing interviews through
sometime Monday, and I should hear something back by Wednesday.

About 10AM on Friday, they called and left a message with Irene - they
wanted to offer me a position.  I called back over lunch on Friday,
was verbally offered a position, and verbally accepted it.  Between
3:30 and 4:30 Friday afternoon, an envelope with an offer letter
inside was left on my front porch.  All the details were as expected -
they've got a mandatory new employee drug screening, I made
arrangements for that on Sunday.

I tendered my resignation to my current employer as soon as I got in
to work on Monday, May 1st.  Even though I do have a fair network of
network admin rights, they are not escorting me out of the building -
which is something of a relief.  My first paycheck from Moneygram
won't be coming until June 9th - it would have been a rather long time
with minimal income otherwise!

I was very surprised to hear back as quickly as I did - I must have
made some impression in that interview!

My contract house wished me well.  The company I'm actually working at
has made three different attempts to see if I'd be willing to consider
accepting an offer of employment from them.  I've told them no - I'm
viewing this as a counter-offer, and, IIUC, in general accepting
counter-offers is counter-productive in the long run.  I have told
them that I would have happily accepted an offer of regular employment
at any prior time in the last nine months - I inquired a number of
times about the possibility of becoming a regular employee, and was
told there was no personnel requisition available each time.  And
there was never any encouragement to continue trying, nor any
indication that they were even trying to get an appropriate
requisition.  Until suddenly I'm leaving, and all of the sudden
there's a req available.  Personally, I think they were trying to keep
me as a contractor as long as possible, and mis-judged how much time
they had.  My wife says they're behaving like typical males -
according to her marriage counselor many years ago (for her first
marriage), most men don't recognize that a relationship is having
problems until it's really broken, and then they try to fix it, even
if it's too late.  (Said counselor also said that a big part of his
work was training women to damage relationships badly enough that the
men would realize there was a problem and try to fix it.)

Scott Raun
sraun at fireopal.org

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