[LMB] HH chapter 15

Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Fri May 5 08:32:49 BST 2006

Katrina Allis wrote:

> Caz said that the very strength of their character is why the
> Provincara,
> Ista, and Iselle were unsuitable for the task of freeing
> Chalion from the
> Golden General's death curse, because their souls were like a
> sword,

I'm fairly sure he never said this about Ista. Iselle and the
Provincara, yes. And at the time, he was just making the point
that they couldn't be saints or communicate directly with a god.
He didn't say anything about them being unable to free Chalion
from the curse since he didn't know that it would take a saint to
do so.

>  And perhaps here, as in
> other areas,
> the dratsaB works differently, and yet Ista still surrenders
> her sharp-edged
> will to him.

I don't think Ista's will is all that sharp-edged.

Dan Tilque

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