[LMB] HH chapter 15

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Fri May 5 08:43:43 BST 2006

On 5/5/06, Dan Tilque <dtilque at nwlink.com> wrote:
> I'm fairly sure he never said this about Ista. (that her soul is like a
> sword)

He did, too. Chapter 29, at the very end, he is talking to Ista:

"It has to do with the shape of your soul, not its worthiness. You have to
make a cup of yourself, to receive that pouring out. You are a sword. You
were always a sword. Like your mother and your daughter, too—steel spines
run in the women of your family."

So, there it is. He not only said _of_ her, he said it _to_ her!

He didn't say anything about them being unable to free Chalion from the
> curse since he didn't know that it would take a saint to do so.

Well, no. But, as is pointed out by a god in PoS, she was a tool in the
wrong hands...

I don't think Ista's will is all that sharp-edged.

Only where it matters (like the second drowning of dy Lutez) . And for a
long while she chose not to use it - because the curse spoiled all the good
qualities of people, and she preferred not doing anything to trying to do
something good and have it turn terrible on her.

You have two hands. One to help yourself and one to help others.

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